Monday, October 11, 2010

Introducing Elven Realm's Enchanted!

On the bridge from light to dark

I've created this blog especially for events, happenings and special writings pertaining to my new sim, Enchanted. I've wanted my own region for quite a while and knew all along what I'd like to do with it. My vision was to create a beautiful, magical fantasy forest incorporating realism with a touch of whimsy. I think it turned out above and beyond what I envisioned and I'm very happy with it. Andrek Lowell (creator of Chakryn Forest and Bentham Forest), environmental designer extraordinaire, is who I entrusted in creating the sim. I believe with both our ideas, creativity and his designer know-how, together we've created a lush, dreamy fantasy land for the delight of all elves, fairies, pixies, nymphs, fauns, drows, wizards and yes, humans of Second Life. If I left anyone out, you are welcome too!

Rainbow waterfall and little chapel

Relaxing at the gathering spot

This amazing sim has a variety of "areas" to visit, along with hidden caves and places all over to discover. Alot of thought was put into placement and flow of each area. If I tell you every single must-see, it will ruin the surprises for you. A few of the areas are the mushroom forest, unicorn pasture, flower field, fae gathering spot, mermaid inlet, candy cove, and the dark forest.

The mushroom forest

The castle tower at sunrise

The premise of the sim is to serve as a refuge or sanctuary for the rare unicorn, dragon, and all other woodland animals. You will see many animals of all kinds scattered throughout the land. Also, a percentage of any donations given to Enchanted will be in turn given to the national animal rights advocacy group, Friends of Animals. There is a group you can join, plus we will have a Flickr group page to submit pictures taken at Enchanted and, of course, this blog site. There are also two quests that can be completed on the sim. Enchanted is definitely worth a visit and once you do, I think you'll want to return many times again!

The dark forest

The underground mermaid inlet

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