Thursday, December 30, 2010

An Enchanted Video

I just wanted to share a video I ran across on You Tube! I was so happy someone had done one for the sim and it turned out great :) The video below was listed under Sliennedunord in and filmed by Fleur2sable Tracy. I put the caption with the video right below it. Enjoy!

This place is fairy. It's an enchanted forest inhabited by unicorns. I loved to walk there, the atmosphere is magical. Elven Realm is a real invitation to sliennedunord

Friday, December 24, 2010


Myself and all the creatures of Elven Realm want to wish all our fellow Enchanted friends, including the Enchanted Dreamers group, Enchanted Keepers, and all Enchanted supporters a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope you and your families have a wonderful holiday season :) Thank you sincerely for all your support of the new sim, along with Friends of Animals, and also for spreading the word! This means a great deal to me :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fantasy Art Recognition

I plan to start featuring two photos, edited or unedited every week in the blog and also on the sim. One will be from within the Enchanted Flickr group and the other from the Finest of Fantasy Art in Second Life or All That Sparkles in Second Life Flickr groups. I will display both pictures on an easel and place it in the front area of the sim. I'd like to also keep them up, but move them to the cottage or castle (need to find the best place) at the end of each week, and display them all at once for a while, possibly the whole month or more. I plan to start this after the holidays, so keep an eye here on the blog and in Enchanted. I enjoy fantasy art so much and want to recognize those artists I feel do a great job, while also giving them more exposure in game and to people who may not be Flickr members. Thank you all again for all your support of the sim!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Enchanted Photo and Poetry Contest Winners!

I'd like to announce the winners of the Photo and Poetry Contests we had at Enchanted. Thank you to everyone who submitted entries, all were wonderful! All winners will be displayed in the cottage at Enchanted along with here in the blog.

FIRST PLACE: "The Kiss of Two Worlds" by Bright Leaf
Winner of a 1000L Studio Sidhe Gift Card

Contest Entry - The Kiss Of Two Worlds

SECOND PLACE: "Resting by the Brook" by Marius Drammond
Winner of a 800L Studio Sidhe Gift Card

Resting by the Brook

THIRD PLACE: Entry by Empty Inkpen
Winner of a 500L Studio Sidhe Gift Card

Contest Entry

Honorable Mention: "A Walk in the Forest" by Softpaw Sommer
Winner of a 300L Studio Sidhe Gift Card

Contest Entry A walk in the forest


"Fiery Summer courts Icy Winter"
By Jaylin Wytchwood and Marina Ramer
Winners of a 1000L Studio Sidhe Gift Card

Enchanted - Contest Entry: Jaylin Wytchwood and Marina Hyandi

On an Enchanted day in autumn
Fiery Summers eyes beheld
what was never seen before.
Icy Winter, new and fresh
covering the land with her frosty beauty.
So strange she was, so fair and tender
his heart went soaring high, and upon
wings of summers ray,
He went down to lay eyes upon the icy maiden,
turning fresly laid snow to water again, accidentally.

Her frozen eyes saw the fire fall and
watched Fiery Summer regard her
works, and melted them, and so she was angry.
Cold and loud like Winterstorm her voice was,
scolding him:
"What dares you burn my work, my snow, undo
my craft, delay my winters reign?"

Fiery Summer only smiled, for he has heard
what never he had heard before, her voice.
And love took his heart forevermore.
He knelt down and took her icy hand in his.
"Fair winter maiden, i am just the humble
summer, but my heart burns true...
Fair maiden, i need and... love you!"
Icy Winter regarded her suitor with wonder,
for only coldness ruled her heart
Long she stood there,
looking into Summers eyes,
estwhile her cold heart melted, and she
saw the fiery prince`s love,
strange and wonderful to her

Summer and Winter
Fire & Ice
Married in love, and they say,
since that moment,
Summer and winter changed in Enchanted.
The winters mild and friendly
The summers breezy and airy.
as one completed the other.