Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fantasy Art Recognition

I plan to start featuring two photos, edited or unedited every week in the blog and also on the sim. One will be from within the Enchanted Flickr group and the other from the Finest of Fantasy Art in Second Life or All That Sparkles in Second Life Flickr groups. I will display both pictures on an easel and place it in the front area of the sim. I'd like to also keep them up, but move them to the cottage or castle (need to find the best place) at the end of each week, and display them all at once for a while, possibly the whole month or more. I plan to start this after the holidays, so keep an eye here on the blog and in Enchanted. I enjoy fantasy art so much and want to recognize those artists I feel do a great job, while also giving them more exposure in game and to people who may not be Flickr members. Thank you all again for all your support of the sim!

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