Monday, January 31, 2011

Some "Enchanting" Additions

Enchanted Floating Gallery in the works

I wanted to update everyone on some new additions to the Enchanted sim. Some of you may have already seen them or know about them. I know I told you before I was going to work on a "Floating Gallery" in the sky at Enchanted. I will display people's artwork from there after recognizing them weekly here on the site and on the sim. In otherwords, it will be added to gradually. I found a platform I really like that I think will work well for this project. I already have it placed in the middle of the sim just above the clouds. I will eventually set up a teleporter for it. It's not nearly finished yet, but the groundwork is there.

I have also added three small sky platforms (other than the gallery) in the sky for those who desire even more privacy or just want a romantic or quiet place to get away. A couple of them don't have all the animations they're supposed to have, so I'm checking on that right now. Another notable addition is the Tale of Snow White pose prop by Faery Sola of Studio Sidhe, it's located in the Mushroom Forest. I will be adding a few more things too. I hope you all enjoy!

One of the new little privacy areas above the sim, brrrr!

Another small platform just above the sim

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