Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fantasy Art of the Week 2/13/11

Fairy Line - Purple2 by Villemo Inglewood

This week I'd like to recognize two wonderful artists that happened to use Enchanted as their backdrop, but are seen in both the Enchanted and Finest of Fantasy Art groups in Flickr. Nila Byron (seen below) is a regular patron and also part of the Enchanted family. She is one of the greeters and guardians of the sim, an Enchanted Keeper. She has done many beautiful pictures at the sim, but I wanted to feature one of my favorites depicting herself. In the description she said she was just "playing around" and didn't give the picture a specific title, but I and many others thought her artwork was just lovely! The other featured picture (above) is called, Fairy Line - Purple2 by Villemo Inglewood. Villemo always does gorgeous artwork, I've loved just about everything she's done and was so thrilled when she did a shoot in Enchanted! As always, perfection!

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