Saturday, June 18, 2011

Feature Fantasy Artist: Yasmina Siamendes

Phoenix-Waterstart in Elven Realm

Not long ago I featured a new picture/pictures every week and then put them up in the gallery on Enchanted. Well, now I plan to recognize the artist and a selection of their pictures and also at times, recognize a theme or style of art with several artists. I will announce this in Flickr, here in the blog, and also display the artwork in the Kaleidoscope Gallery at Enchanted.

At this time I'm recognizing Yasmina Siamendes, a wonderful and very talented fantasy artist! For more information, I blogged in detail about she and her artwork on my other blog: Her Flickr photostream can be found at: Please stop by the gallery at Enchanted of Elven Realm and enjoy her work up close! She did a variety of pictures from Enchanted and Bewitched, too :) Enjoy!

Sad World (taken at Bewitched)

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