Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Announcing the Storybook Magic Contest Winners!

After going through the entries within SL and here in Flickr, the winners of the Storybook Magic contest was definitely a tough choice.  I want to thank everyone who entered, all the pictures were amazing!  Here are our winners:

First Place:  Fairy Tales by Misty Crystal
Second Place:  Tell Me A Fairy Tale by Ursula Floresby
Third Place:  Magic Mermaid by Danybaby babii

Honorable Mentions...
Sent With Love by Wise Sandalwood
At Night They Leave the Books To Play by Shuri Dreamscape


Below are the pictures of the winning artists.....

1st Place:  Misty Crystal

2nd Place:  Ursula Floresby

3rd Place:  Danybaby babii

Honorable Mention:  Wise Sandalwood

Honorable Mention:  Shuri Dreamscape

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