Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Enchanted Keepers of the Realm

A New Day Dawns
Guardian of the Realm: SeleneLily Galicia (artwork by SeleneLily Galicia)

I wanted to do something a little different this week for our weekly gallery choices. I had planned to do a blog and recognize the Keepers of the Realm, but decided to combine it with the gallery choices of the week this time. After all, most all the Keepers are artists in their own right :) The Keeper group consists of the greeters and guardians of Enchanted of Elven Realm. It's for those that spend quite a bit of time on the sim and enjoy welcoming people, answering questions and keeping an eye on things. Right now we don't have a schedule for members, but if I ever see there's a need for that, we can do that. This group is invitation only, but if you are interested or would like to become a part of the group, please either IM or send a notecard to me, Natalie Montagne, in world.

I have pictured each Keeper in this blog, whether the picture was done by themselves or a different artist. If available, I've also listed each of their Flickr websites. All pictures were taken at Enchanted...enjoy!

All captions are below the corresponding picture. Please click the picture to see it larger.

The Fairy Keeper at Enchanted

Keeper of the Realm: Nila Byron (artwork by Nila Byron)


Marigny's Mushroom

Keeper of the Realm: Marigny Moonwing (artwork by Natalie Montagne)


Arethell Levan at Enchanted Elven Realm II

Keeper of the Realm: Arethell Levan (artwork by Arethell Levan)



Keeper of the Realm: Moirae Loorden (artwork by Moirae Loorden)


Enchanted~Guardian Unicornis

Keeper of the Realm: Unicornis Alchemi (artwork by SeleneLily Galicia)


A Fellow Flyer
Guardian and Lady of the Realm, Natalie Montagne (artwork by Natalie Montagne)

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