Sunday, April 3, 2011

A New Sim Joins the Enchanted Family!

I have some exciting news! Some of you may already know about the new addition to Enchanted, but I'd like to go ahead and make the announcement official :) We now have a new sim adjoined on the north side of Enchanted where the dark forest is located. The sim itelf is Elven Mist and it contains another wonderful forest built by Andrek Lowell called, Bewitched, formerly known as Bentham Forest. Lauren Bentham, who integrated her creations with Andrek's build, was the original owner of the sim. She decided to sell it and contacted me to see if I might be interested in purchasing it...and here we are :) If you've never visited this sim before, you are truly missing out! It is a haunted, dark forest full of beauty, whimsy, spooks and frights! In order to get the full effect of the sim, you need to set your environment to midnight at the entrance. I did a blog about Bentham Forest in my other blogger, here is the link:

There is also a great youtube video about the sim:

I hope you all are able to visit soon. When you arrive at the entrance, you'll be offered a landmark, notecard, url to this blog and a group invitation. Please come and enjoy!

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