Sunday, July 31, 2011

Take the Portal to a Land of Snowy Magic....

Reflections of colorful sky dance upon the glistening snow that surrounds this magical land of white palaces, icicles and sparkling trees atop three floating mountains

Very high above the beautiful and magical forest below, snowflakes fall on another small world within this land of unicorns. My small palace home is here and at first it was my own private little world, however, I enjoyed it so much I wanted others to be able to. I decided to add some extra touches and open it to the public, so I did!

The area consists of three small floating mountains each containing a different setting. The larger main one is where my small snow palace rests. Please feel at home, relax and explore. This was the only section I had for a long time, then later I added another smaller mountain, connecting the two with a beautiful bridge. This mountain has a gorgeous ice gazebo, two rows of lovely lighted and sparkling trees, a campfire with seating, and several couples dance balls. If you go here and don't see the balls, put /1show in chat and they will show up. Quite a while later, I decided to add one more mountain and did just that. I also connected it to the other side of my home mountain with the same beautiful bridge. This mountain houses "Unicorn Falls", an absolutely beautiful structure with a pool and falls, along with seating areas. Of course there are several extra touches here and there I think you will enjoy. One of my favorites is the aurora borealis that appears at certain times, and with your setting to midnight, it's very stunning! I've taken many pictures and they've turned out really good.

Please take the time to visit my home in the snow when you can. The only way to get there is through a portal that can be found within the unicorn field area of the forest below. There's a large tree that has a small door, open it and you're there! :) I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

When there were only 2 mountains

Unicorn Falls

My snow palace home

The ice gazebo where you can dance on the snow

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