Thursday, August 25, 2011

Feature Fantasy Artist: Tigre Milena (Doni Parlanti)

Our feature fantasy artist at this time in the Fantasy Kaleidoscope Gallery is the amazing Tigre Milena (aka: Doni Parlanti). Tigre specializes in fantasy art, although she's very capable of any style being as talented as she is. Right now, at the landing point of the gallery, I have 17 of her works (including her bio picture) on display and each and every one tells a story. In fact, one of the items on display, and now out on the sim for all to see, is a book of artwork Tigre made. It's great, you touch the book and a menu appears and you can actually flip through the pages of the book, viewing many of her wonderful pieces. Another unique fact about Tigre's work is that most of the art is unedited, but you can't tell! This is what amazes me the most! I posted a blog about Tigre and her work quite a while back, and the link to this is:

You can also visit her flickr stream at:

Please be sure and stop by Enchanted (sim: Elven Realm) to see her art. Once at the landing point of Enchanted, please use the teleport door to the right to venture to the gallery.

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