Monday, September 5, 2011

Legend of the Lost Unicorn

We are having a fun game of "hide 'n seek" on Enchanted for all Enchanted Dreamers group members. You have the opportunity to win 500L if you find the lost unicorn colt/foal on the sim! It could be ANYWHERE on the Elven Realm sim only, not Elven Mist. It is also ONLY below on ground, not above the sim at all. The unicorns have not learned how to teleport yet you know :P It's simple, find the missing unicorn and you win 500L and we plan to do this at least twice a day at random times so hopefully everyone has a chance. We will announce through a notice and group chat when the baby is hidden and then announce again when it's over. Below I've copied the rules for the game......

Legend of the Lost Unicorn

Please help! One of the unicorn mares has lost her colt somewhere on Enchanted! The two of them were galloping around the field and mushroom forest and stopped to take a breather. The mare stepped over to drink some water from the nearby pond and when she turned around, her precious colt was gone! Please help her find him! He could be anywhere in Enchanted….hopefully not the dark forest!

Guidelines of the Game

1. Starting Monday, September 5, a baby unicorn will be hidden somewhere on the sim…it could be ANYWHERE, so think creatively. The only places it can’t be are the above the sim or on the Elven Mist sim. An announcement through group chat and a notice will be sent each time one is hidden. We will try and hide one a couple times a day so everyone has a chance.

2. This game is for Enchanted Dreamer group members only. All you need to do is look for the unicorn, and when you find him, take a snapshot of him and put it in a notecard stating where you found him. Be sure and put your avie’s full name on the notecard and “rename” the notecard “I Found the Unicorn”. Please send it to Natalie Montagne. Also, please send a message to the group through IM stating, “I found the unicorn!” so other members will know not to look anymore at this time.

3. The person who finds the unicorn first will win a reward of 500L, plus we will donate another 500L to the Friends of Animals fund. If more than one notecard is sent, we will go by the date and time on the notecard to know who sent it first. We will also make sure the notecard was sent between the alotted times and that the submission is from an Enchanted Dreamer group member.

Have fun and happy hunting!

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